Small Town Series: Maryville, TN

Downtown Maryville

Far off to the Eastern side of Tennessee lies a close suburb of Knoxville that’s ready to make a name all of it’s own. Sometimes overshadowed by the nearby bustling city and it’s mountain neighbor of Gatlinburg, the town of Maryville is here to be seen as a captivating college town, a Smoky Mountain getaway, and the embodiment of southern charm.

Established in 1795, this town has been a part of some the most significant moments in US history and has been growing into what it is now, being a quaint and historic town within the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

During our time here I experienced an ideal blend of tranquility and downtown adventures with some mouthwatering bites to eat, relaxing strolls around the boutiques, and blissful mornings, only to be greeted with the neighboring roosters just a gravel road away.

Where We Stayed

During our visit, we decided to stay just a short drive out of the downtown area at an incredibly quaint and charming Airbnb hosted by Andrew and Margaret. The Cabin at the Willows gave us all a sense of mountain living without all the twisting and turning drives. The handcrafted, 3 bedroom 2 bath cabin was the perfect spot to lay our heads as it was only a scenic 30 minute drive from The Great Smoky Mountains and the famous Cades Cove along with being just a few minutes from the charming downtown . Since we brought our pup Nash along on our trip, this place was great for being dog friendly as well!

Not only was this the ideal home location wise, but it was fully equipped with a full size kitchen, living room and not to far from a beautiful walkway that leads to a serene open field directly settled next to a farm. I LOVED being greeted every morning out on the porch by the roosters, letting me know a brand new and beautiful day is about to start!

What We Did

If you’re like me and love to stroll around and browse through a bunch of different shops, then make sure you stop by The Boutique on Broadway. It has great priced women’s clothes and such a cute spot to explore. Right next door to this shop is The Village Tinker Gallery and Gifts which is a great spot to buy goods for yourself or anyone else in your life.

If you’re a guy who’s ready for a slight wardrobe upgrade, I highly recommend checking out Boyd Thomas Clothing located right on Broadway in the downtown area. While I stopped in here, I had such a great conversation with the owner who puts in so much pride into his store. He helped me find clothes for my husband and showed me around some of the women’s sections that they had as well.

If home decor is more your speed (which it certainly is for me) then you MUST check out Roost in the downtown area right on Broadway. It’s in the center of it all and gives so much home decor inspiration and provides a great homey atmosphere for all the people who walk in.

If you desire to go a little off the beaten path when it comes to your shopping, then get ready for an antique store shopping extravaganza. Maryville and it’s surrounding towns offers SO MANY unique and treasure filled antique stores that are filled with unusual finds and knick-knacks. You could spend hours digging through these incredible stores that all are filled with such fascinating history.

While exploring the downtown of Maryville, you also are gifted with the beautiful art that is scattered about this adorable town. My favorite mural in the entire area is by the work of Heath Claiborne Hang which features the beautiful mountainside and music history of the Smoky Mountains.

Smoky Mountain Music History: Heath Claiborne Hang

When you’re in the middle of town, it’ll be impossible to miss the historic Capitol Theatre that is nestled in the center of this great town. Built in 1922, this venue has seen some of the greatest movements in US history from the famous 1920’s art deco movie house era, to the vintage inspired private event venue that it’s popular for today. You can book tours here or host your next event in the charming and historic treasure.

Since one of the greatest US National Parks is only a short drive away, the next day while staying in Maryville we decided to do a quick trek out to the Great Smoky Mountains. The drive from where we stayed was absolutely breathtaking and surreal. The feel of the mountains just engulfs you and created so much joy within myself. We decided to drive through Cades Cove and the views we saw were sights that I’ll never forget. We did the one lane loop that takes you through the whole area while staying in your car. Keep your eyes open for some of the animals that could be watching you within the woods! If you come across one of the Smoky Mountains most famous residents the Black Bear, be prepared for some long waits. Everyone wants to get a pic!

The Best Food Stops

One of the things that I get most excited about when visiting the beautiful state of Tennessee is the amazing food I get to munch on! Tennessee being known for it’s home made style southern cooking, Maryville is no stranger to that. The first night being in town, we stopped at Calhoun’s. Being one of East Tennessee’s most desired southern food restaurants, we took advantage of their carry out menu and had an entire barbecue feast back at the cabin. If you’re looking for a nicer restaurant with a great atmosphere and even greater food, I highly recommend heading out to The Walnut Kitchen. Just a 3 minute drive from the town center, this place is sure to hit all those fancy cravings.

If you’re looking to do a quick bite to eat and a FANTASTIC cup of coffee for the morning, I recommend venturing over to Vienna Coffee Company. This place is known around town for being one of the greatest suppliers of coffee around the southeastern part of Tennessee. It offers an idyllic atmosphere for laid back hangouts and exceptionally great cups of coffee.

My favorite meal of the day is lunch and Maryville has some fantastic options to try for your mid day meal! The first place we tried was Bluetick Tavern which is a great option for a casual sit down restaurant that’s right in the center of town. The menu has a wide range of everything but I had to try their pizza. Let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint. Finally, one of the spots that I was most excited to try was none other then Full Service BBQ. What used to be an abandoned gas station and now drive-in BBQ joint, this place is everything you would ever want for your southern cooked meal. It’s quick, authentic, and the best tasting barbecue you’ll ever have. I got the three meat plate because I just had to try it all! This was my favorite place we tried and would most definitely recommend it to anyone in the area.

Despite our stay in Maryville being only a short weekend, I can honestly say that this town is truly something special. The pride and passion that you find in it’s residents proves just how much love there is for this town and it really does become contagious while visiting. While you’re visiting the fantastic state of Tennessee, you will have to stop by this gem of a town and explore all of the marvelous activities you can do here.

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Small Town Series: Maryville, TN

  1. I love Maryville! My bf moved there last year. Its a beautiful town south of Knoxville and super close to the Smoky Mountains. You did a great job covering all of the fun hangouts in Maryville.


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