a little more about me…

I grew up in a Midwestern family and moved down south after getting married in the greatest city, Nashville, TN. Before we made the move to the sunshine state, I got an associates degree and studied photography alongside some of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had. While in school I also got the privilege of dabbling in some graphic design courses to help further my range of artistic creativity. Soon after receiving my associates, I decided I wanted to further my education in art and transfer into a 4 year school. I got into my top 3; The University of Tennessee, Belmont University in Nashville, and The University of Alabama (sorry to my UT in-laws). It was a big commitment to make and something inside of me decided that I wasn’t ready for it. I grew up in a town where being a part of a higher education was just what you did, so it’s what I sought out. When reality started to get real, I thought about how there could be a chance of somehow teaching myself the art I’ve been wanting to become great at instead of falling into the debt that college inevitably would bring. Not everyone is meant for the university life. I debate every now and again if maybe I could go back and grab that bachelors degree. But as of now, I’m taking it day by day.

I knew I had to find a way to support myself which resulted into trying every job under the sun. I had my photography business during my time as a waitress and a boutique sales associate. I then made my way into a more corporate setting as a receptionist and then later on as an executive assistant at a local company that helps finance commercial real estate. I was starting to go in a direction that I thought would better my chances at being successful in the working world.

Fast forward to now, and being so incredibly blessed with a husband who encourages me to pursue what makes me happy. With his support and the underlying crave to express my creative side again, I have the ambition to go full force into what truly makes me happy.

I LOVE to cook. I feel that I got that enthusiasm to try new recipes due to my mom always providing us with some of the best home cooked meals I’ve ever tasted while growing up. I also LOVE to bake! Everybody has a sweet tooth inside of them if they look hard enough (or maybe not so hard). Mine got discovered after meeting my mother-in-law and her crazy amazing baking talent. With these two extraordinary women in my corner, creating food for the family doesn’t seem as intimidating.

I absolutely LOVE to travel! Over the years I have been gifted with the flexibility to venture around the country and discover new places that weren’t home. From the isolated state of Hawaii to the Northeastern city of Boston, I’ve been able place my pins on the map all over this great nation. With so many interesting places I’ve visited, my true love has always been for Nashville. It’s where my artistic inspiration was reignited. It’s where I said “I do” to my husband and it’s where I want to eventually grow my roots with a family that can learn the greatness of the city just like I did.

I also love entertaining and planning events. My wedding was considered a “destination wedding”, which is sometimes deemed more difficult then one that’s just down the road from your house. I loved the challenge of organizing all the vendors and picking out the details that would make the day just that much sweeter. It was something that I genuinely found to be fun which made me even think about a career in event planning (it could happen?!). I’ve been able to utilize this within my life now with hosting holiday events, decorating the home and helping anyone out there that may need an extra hand or two on a project.

With all of this in mind, I hope that Mae’s Morning will be a tool that people can use to strengthen their creative side and build up an ambition to start getting out there to try new things. I want to help you find that perfect recipe for the party at your house, or inspire you to get out and take that weekend getaway that keeps getting pushed back. I want to help find that inner southern soul of yours that’s ready to be ignited. Life is all about trying new things and making the most of it. Let’s get out there and do it together! Cheers ❤

“You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try”

Dolly Parton

Dedicated to my childhood hero,

my grandmother