10 Ways To Help Have A Perfect 4th Of July

The biggest summer holiday is almost here which means it’s time to for some amazing barbecue, patriotic clothing and lighting up the sky with fireworks. When I think of the Fourth of July I think of warm summer nights surrounded by friends and family, Ray Charles singing America The Beautiful and snacking on anything watermelon related. It’s what perfect summer nights are made of. This is the holiday that calls for being outside and channeling our inner patriotism, so lets do it right!

I’m a sucker for traditions and this summer holiday is no stranger to the classics that we all know and love. Here I wanted to give some of my ideas on how to celebrate this holiday and make the most of the together time we’re able to have with all of our loved ones.

1. Fourth of July parade

This is such a perfect and classic way to start your Fourth of July morning off right. Usually every town around the country has a parade to celebrate the holiday. Go check it out! The kids will love seeing all the floats and everyone dressed in their best patriotic attire. Growing up we always would bring a bag for all the candy that was thrown from all the floats and try to collect as much as we could. We still attend every year to help get pumped up for activities planned throughout the rest of the day.

2. Get that block party going

If you live in a neighborhood with close neighbors and cul de sacs then what an amazing opportunity to get everyone together for one big party. Block the street off and set up those tables with some amazing pot luck style foods and sparklers lit for all to enjoy. Music is a must here so once you set an awesome playlist then you’re really ready to have a great time.

3. Make it a lake day

A day at the lake is priceless and being there on Fourth of July makes it that much more special. You can spend the day out on the water while being secluded with your family and friends or check out the local happenings around the community.

4. Decorating the house

Not able to take a trip somewhere? That’s okay! Make the most of your time at home and put your best foot forward with the decorations. Nothing gets me more in the mood for a holiday then being surrounded by festive decor.

5. Holiday attire

How often do you get to wear tons of American flags on your pants while sporting a sequin covered shirt and a red, white and blue top hat? Probably once a year so let’s make that count. Getting into the spirit of the holiday is one of the greatest ways to get pumped up for activities throughout the day and will also help put smiles on everyone else’s face.

6. Themed Desserts

Is it even a holiday without some sweets involved? This is definitely one of my favorite ways to celebrate the summer holiday. You can get so creative with how you display the desserts or you can go super simple and just stick some American flags on top. Either way you go, it’ll be so much fun.

7. Fire up the grill

It’s always about food, isn’t it? But that’s because it always makes the party! Having a classic cookout is what my ideal Fourth of July includes and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is usually a grill master somewhere in the vicinity and they will be more than happy to supply us the goods.

8. Dancing to the music

Every household has to experience a good ol fashioned kitchen dancing night. No time better than the Fourth of July! Get the speakers plugged in and play your favorites to set the festive mood. If your town has it, head down to the local festivities and listen to some live music and dance the night away!

9. Watch the fireworks!

It doesn’t get more 4th of July than this and is such a no brainer for how to celebrate. This really only happens once a year so make the most of it! Don’t feel like dealing with the crowds? Not a problem! Sparklers are perfect mini, personal fireworks that you can have a blast with in your very own yard. You could also get everyone together and do the release of sky lanterns.

10. Get to know the veterans in your area

We truly do owe it all to those who sacrifice their lives every day just so we have the ability to celebrate holidays like this. The United States of America is such a unique country and it is our freedom that we cannot take for granted. Talk to those who have served and hear their stories, say thank you and offer them a hot dog. No time better then now to all come together.

Happy 4th of July!